Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ragged Claws Daytrotter session

Check out our Daytrotter session that posted today. We're pretty pumped about it. Click Here! If you don't know, Daytrotter is a recording studio that has a music blog. There's tons of awesome recordings for free and they're all recorded live at the Daytrotter studio in Rock Island, IL. Personally I think the bonnie 'prince' billy session contains some of his best recordings. Download our songs (almost all of which we haven't recorded before) and then check out the rest of the site.

p.s. if you wandered over here for the first time be sure to download our free e.p. on Common Cloud Records right here: The Sleepwalker e.p.


  1. This is big news. Well-played, well-met.

  2. hi! i came over from 'daytrotter' lookin' for your myspace page! will i find it..? do you have one..? i'll let you know if i find it, if it's there, i will, if not, well, i won't but i love your music! thanx for it! luv milli xo