Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthday Kate Bush Cover

Paul forgot to mention that the show was also on his birthday! So happy belated birthday to Paul! As a gift I recorded one of his favorite songs (or at least one of his favorite songs to play on juke boxes, eg. at the beloved Deuce Deuce Ultra Lounge) in commemoration of his glorious quarter century. Listen to it! I used Garage Band, that great democratizing force of man and technology. Garage Band, (like anything furthering the cause of democratization) imbues all that it produces with an aura of the lowest common denominator, or at least a subtle averaging/distribution of quality (which I adamantly support as being of The Good). And I used the sweet microphone that Paul bought me for my own birthday back in the day, the merits of which however did not overcome my significant technological handicaps. I’m sure that’s enough of a disclaimer; I beg of you to look kindly upon my efforts, and I only hope that Kate Bush listens to it and wants to be my new best friend. It's bound to happen some day. Happy Happy Birthday Paul! ~Kimberly

running up that hill cover.mp3

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