Monday, March 16, 2009

Looking to the future (and frowning on the past)

So we just recorded a few tunes at the fancy shmancy studio at Columbia College in Chicago. We should have some masters of those tracks soon. We layed down our lusciously silly (and slightly self-indulgent) cover of Black Hole Sun, along with a folk song arranged by Benjamin Britten, and a new song called A whole new Third World. If anyone heard us play a song where I just sing "Oh I've got it bad" over and over again, you'll recognize it. I rewrote the words for it though. This is exciting stuff, and hopefully we'll have something to show you very soon. In the meantime check out the modernist Pop Band I was in for a few months at college. Music school does weird stuff to one's musical aesthetics. My friend Graham thought it was time that pop songs started integrating Schoenberg's twelve-tone system. This song may be proof that he was right, or that he was terribly wrong. Oh and the band was called Poop Sandwich. We only played like 3 times. That's me on the guitar.


California, Tucson, Arizona.mp3

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