Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Welcome to our world.

I had two donuts for breakfast. I was unsatisfied. Maybe I needed another one I thought. I looked back at the menu and took another sip of coffee, then realized my dissatisfaction wasn't due to the quantity of donuts, or the quality. I (and my stomach) craved something other than donuts. Hell, I could have eaten all of the donuts on Fullerton Ave. and I still wouldn't have been satisfied. Maybe a croissanwich is what I wanted. Now that's preposterous I thought. The boring moments spent sitting at the laundry mat had given me the thought that I should probably have some important business to attend to. I craved productivity. The sense of a hole that makes me feel I need to prove myself by producing something, creating something is (tragically) not donut shaped. I made a blog instead. Between Kimberly and I, hopefully we can provide interesting thoughts and future plans punctuated with super underground hip lo-fi recordings of music we're working on. Maybe videos too. I promise, that my grammar, and, punctuation will GReatly improve once I tell Kimberly about this blog.

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